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OT-A™ Outologus Trephine Aspirator

If autologous bone and bone marrow are needed to promote fracture union of bony fusion, the orthopaedist is likely managing a challenging clinical problem.  With increasing interest in bone marrow aspiration, the product used to obtain such graft should be safe, simple, efficient, easy to use, and employ a process that gently aspirates the desired amount of bone marrow.

The OT-A™ Outologous Trephine-Aspirator enables the surgeon to harvest substantial quantities of bone marrow using a minimally invasive technique.


  • Harvest large volumes of bone marrow from the iliac crest or the proximal tibia
  • Quickly and easily insert the OT-A™ into the iliac crest or the proximal tibia during orthopaedic trauma surgery
  • The mass of the attached handle increases momentum and facilitates insertion of the OT-A™ into the desired location for bone marrow harvest
  • Aspirate bone marrow into a separate reservoir
  • Use the filtration mechanism of the reservoir to filter marrow stromal cells and/or simultaneously immerse bone graft extenders in actively aspirated marrow
  • Optimize marrow to bone graft substitute ratio

Small diameter of the OT-A™ avoids undue stress risers when only bone marrow stems cells are needed for fracture management.

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