Access Wires, Needles, and Probes

The Introducer Needle

Our 17-gauge needle, once inserted into the joint, accepts the 1.19 mm Nitinol wire for quick and easy joint access. The OSI Introducer Needle has been passed through the reverse compression screw of the Hip Tool. Significantly more bone marrow is delivered to the cancellous bone graft stabilized by the 125-degree Hip Tool. 

The Irrigation Needle

  • Our 17-gauge blunt tip needle is dimensionally designed for coaxial insertion into the Biomass Delivery Trephine and Curette. Irrigation fluid is easily delivered to bone marrow edema lesions through the irrigation needle and simultaneously aspirated. This simple, yet effective, technique prepares the host bed for grafting. The fluoroscopic image shows the Introducer Needle having passed through the cannulated Hip Tool reverse-compression screw. Additional bone marrow aspirate is delivered to the stabilized bone graft. 
  • The Irrigation Needle, in combination with the Harpy and the Biomass Delivery Trephine, can be used for single portal irrigation and arthroscopy of native and artificial joints. In difficult to aspirate septic joints, a small amount of fluid may be injected and simultaneously aspirated for cultures.


3.2 mm Guidewire

The smooth 3.2 mm guidewire is designed for blunt tip insertion into the joint, completely avoiding the need for traditionally sharp or large diameter trocars. OSI dilators dilate the soft tissue in 5.4 mm, 6.5 mm, and 8.5 mm diameters.

3.2 mm Threaded Tip Guidewire

The threaded tip guidewire is designed for its strategic placement within the femoral head, humeral head, or femoral condyles during core decompression. The OSI Coring Trephine symmetrically circumscribes the guidewire creating a core sample for later histopathologic analysis when necessary. Inquire about our additional core decompression products that facilitate endoscopic evaluation of the core track. See our White Paper, The Effects of Oxidized Low-Density Lipoproteins on the Pathogenesis of Osteoarthritis and Avascular Necrosis. 

In the image below, precise core decompression using the OSI Bone Coring Trephine and 3.2 mm threaded guidewire is demonstrated. A substantially undisturbed column of bone can be sent to pathology, while that bone more laterally situated can be returned to the femoral head. OSI's core decompression system does not ream away the antecedent bone and is the only system that affords this degree of surgical control.

2.3 mm Guidewire

The smooth tip guidewire is designed for lateral wall portal establishment during the treatment of bone marrow edema lesions in patients with subchondral lesions and the Biomass Delivery Curette will be used for graft delivery.

1.19 mm Nitinol Wire

The Nitinol wire is freely passed through the Introducer Needle to facilitate arthroscopic shaver insertion and portal retention.

Teardrop Probe

The Teardrop Probe is designed for safely sounding the depth of bone and marrow harvesting sites when using the Beacon Biomass Harvesting Trephine.

The Flatdrop Probe

  • The Flatdrop Probe is designed for gentle penetration into percutaneously accessed bone marrow edema lesions using the Biomass Delivery Trephine.
  • The proximal end of the probe is configured to facilitate aspiration of oxLDL and inflammatory cytokines prior to irrigation and bone grafting.

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