Bone and Marrow Harvesting Products

The Bone Tool

This legacy product is designed for harvesting structural cancellous cores of bone. Bone marrow is simultaneously harvested when attached to the Bone Saver. The harvested cores are ideal for vertical support when treating tibial plateau fractures.

The Beacon Biomass Harvesting Trephine

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This one-of-a-kind harvesting tool reaches deep into the ilium and morselizes cancellous bone and simultaneously aspirates it for collection by the Bone Saver. The morselized bone is filtered and super concentrated along with healthy bone-forming cells.  The skin incision is no more than 2 mm, and the depth of harvest is up to 40 mm with a sweep angle of harvest exceeding 60 degrees in the anterior and posterior directions.

The Biomass Filter Element

This inline filter element is removable from the Bone Saver, and once filled with morselized bone and bone marrow, the filter may be wrapped with a dry laparotomy pad to remove excess blood through the activation of plasmin, thus super concentrating the bone and bone marrow.

The Bone Saver

This legacy product with an inline filter collects large quantities of bone and bone marrow using the Beacon Biomass Harvesting Trephine or the Bone Tool. The filter gently removes cancellous bone while additional bone marrow is collected. The system is vacuum-assisted and eliminates the need for off-table centrifugation.

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