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The Q Arthroscopy System

The Q arthroscopes of the Q Arthroscopy System are designed to be used with the OSI Clear Cannula.
The Q 3 mm arthroscope is housed within a single inflow arthroscopic sheath designed for superior maneuverability and visibility. The configured tip of the sheath promotes intraarticular laminar fluid flow to aid precise tissue debridement. Its longer than standard length facilitates arthroscopy of the shoulder, hip, and knee in larger patients.
The Q 4 mm arthroscope is housed within a single inflow arthroscopic sheath designed for superior maneuverability and visibility. The configured tip of the sheath promotes intraarticular laminar fluid flow to aid precise tissue debridement. Its longer than standard length facilitates arthroscopy of the shoulder, hip, and knee in larger patients.
Standard angles of 30 degrees and 0 degrees are available. These arthroscopes are ideally suited for intraosseous endoscopy during core decompression of the humeral and femoral heads. The sheathed arthroscopes are used with OSI’s patented endoscopic trephine and the endoscopic portal. Crystal clear intraosseous images of the core track are obtained allowing the surgeon to identify and locate calcified marrow spaces as the objective of restoring transosseous blood flow is achieved. Fluid control is achieved with OSI’s Dual Spike DT-300 Trumpet Valve Fluid Management System.
The Q 5 mm arthroscope is sheathless. The arthroscope is designed to acquire impressively illuminated anatomic structures and non-digital 3D images.
The Targeting Guide is a detachable guide for precise needle localization within the joint for second portal establishment.

The Clear Cannula

The smooth surface of the Clear Cannula and directional seam facilitate precise second portal placement. The material composite increases the luminosity of the Q Arthroscope and enhances visibility.

The Clear Cannula is designed to engage the OSI Targeting guides and allows the surgeon to transition from sheathed to sheathless arthroscopy. 

The Clear Cannula is the first and the only of its kind to provide real-time images in the z-axis, immersing the surgeon within the joint so that 3D visuals of the abnormal mechanics can be observed.

The Clear Cannula will maintain its visual position, freeing up the surgeon’s hands for back-table work when necessary.

The tight seal established with the surrounding tissue, combined with superior visibility, eliminates the need for a large capsulotomy during hip arthroscopy. Furthermore, extravasation of fluid and soft-tissue swelling is minimized. Thus, the working length of the arthroscopic equipment is realized throughout the case.

The Targeting Guide

These patented engageable guides allow the OSI Introducer Needle to follow the seam of the Clear Cannula into the joint. The guides allow the surgeon to “dial in” the second portal for optimal utility.

The Burrs of Prey provide unparalleled visibility of the tissue being debrided so that normal tissue is not inadvertently removed.  OSI’s patented unshrouded burrs are ideal for an intraarticular saucerization and micro chondroplasty.

The 180 mm Harrier X and Harrier EX

The smooth surface of the Harrier captures frayed pieces of cartilage, characterizing a true micro chondroplasty during joint preservation. The burrs are ideal for hip arthroscopy and  a micro chondroplasty at the rim of the acetabulum.

The 132 mm Harrier S and Harrier SX

The unique properties of the Harrier make it the ideal choice for sub-meniscus micro chondroplasty and meniscus root debridement. 

The Harrier S and SX rapidly perform micro chondroplasty in the PF sulcus.

The 180 mm Falcon and Falcon X

The Falcon is ideal for sub-labral pincer debridement.  The smooth back surface allows the surgeon to debride the chondrolabral junction strategically without detachment of the labrum. The Falcon is the burr of choice for CAM lesions.

The Falcon X is suited ideally for decompression of a central acetabular osteophyte and far posterior pincer lesions.  When used to decompress the central compartment, the space available for the ligamentum teres, SALT, is increased.

The 180 mm Talon

The Talon’s smooth and curvilinear head will smooth over areas of chondromalacia at a right angle to the surgical instrument.  The only burr of its kind facilitating a micro chondroplasty as with the Harrier burrs.

The 180 mm Eagle and Eagle X

The round head of the Eagle is ideal for backstroke debridement of the medial margin of the sourcil and traditional CAM lesions for those desirous of a round burr.

The 180 mm Vulture

The long cylindrical shape of the Vulture makes this burr ideal for the rapid removal of prominent osteophytes along the anterior, medial, and lateral osteochondral junctions of the femoral condyles during an intraarticular saucerization of the knee.

The Harpy

The Harpy comprises a precision 4 mm cannula with a targeting guide for the Q 3 mm arthroscope with a shortened arthroscopic sheath for non-digital 3D imaging of the posterior knee for meniscus root repairs and debridement.


The low pulse tissue ablation and cautery device concentrate electron emission to the tip of the probe at each point of its stargate configuration. Suction keeps the operative field clear. ThElator can be attached to a standard generator, omitting the need for special equipment.

The Red Belly

The Red Belly is a handheld serrated curette designed for configurable aggressive debridement of the posterior knee and other hard-to-reach areas, including the anteromedial humeral head in the shoulder joint. Inline suction removes all debris as it is generated.  The Red Belly is attached to OSI patented Egret for outflow during use.  The sizes are:

  • The Red Belly 3.5S 3.5 mm X 132 mm
  • The Red Belly 4.5S 4.5 mm X 132 mm
  • The Red Belly 4.5L 4.5 mm X 180 mm

The Angler

The Angler is a handheld smooth curette designed for configurable smooth-surface debridement of the tibia plateau and curvilinear femoral condyle. Inline suction removes all debris as it is generated. The sizes are:

  • The Angler 3.5S 3.5 mm X 132 mm
  • The Angler 4.5S 4.5 mm X 132 mm
  • The Angler 4.5L 4.5 mm X 180 mm

In the image to the left, the Angler 4.5L is convexly contoured for debridement of the acetabular cotyloid fossa. The Egret (not shown) is attached to the proximal end of the Angler 4.5L. 

The Egret

The patented outflow adaptor is designed to engage the Angler or the Red Belly. The patented rotational engagement mechanism allows the configured Angler or Red Belly to be positioned precisely in any hard-to-access area within the joint while maintaining visual clarity. The side portal of the Egret is engaged by a pigtail of the Arthro Select tubing.

The Safety PX

The Safety PX is designed to penetrate the subchondral bone variably (5 mm, 10mm, and 12 mm) at areas of cartilage loss. The short version is ideal for the articular surface microfracturing in the knee. In contrast, the extended version is used for non-articular intraosseous subchondral microfracturing of an adjudicated AVN lesion, bone marrow edema lesion, or cancellous bone with occluded marrow spaces. Subchondral intraosseous microfracturing establishes a porosity through which injected bone marrow can flow. 

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